This site is a window. It is meant to give clear and unfettered access , mostly to what I've published since the end of the 1950s. There is a CV you can look at, which contains the usual sort of CV material; since I'm not looking for a job at the moment, the CV is pared down to the minimum. There is a Contact link. There is a Bibliography, which lists everything I can remember. You can access it for books; contributions to multiple-author volumes; essays and other pieces; reviews (the biggest section by far); letters to the editor; and interviews. There are links to the two columns I write: Excessive Candour, in Science Fiction Weekly since March 1997; and Scores. Unfortunately, only the former links to online archives of all the actual columns published under that heading; for Scores, only the columns originally published in Eileen Gunn's The Infinite Matrix are linkable; the Interzone columns are not on line. You can also link to a recent Photograph, if you like a visual take on the person you're examining, or if you need a photo for some other purpose.

There are also links directly to Ansible, Judith Clute, Elizabeth Hand, the SF Foundation, of which I am a Trustee, and the Telluride Institute, of which I am a Trustee as well.

There are two other links: to the ESF, which will be an evolving sub-site devoted to the ongoing online Encyclopedia of Science Fiction; and to Stuff, which will contain notes and pieces (most of them unpublished) and announcements of forthcoming books and the like. But when I said this site was a window, I meant what I said. There is no LiveJournal on this site, no blog, no section full of Exciting News!!!! The only mention of cats is contained in the sentence you have just finished reading.

This site was built by Tom Abba, who knows how to frame a window.

John Clute

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